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The Real Estate major is a limited-access program. adviser will discuss: (1) what is necessary to get back on course; and/or (2) possible alternative majors.
The real estate major at Robinson College of Business offers a broad-based curriculum that provides a balance Possible Employers of Real Estate Graduates.
If your career goal is to become a realtor, then there are a few different college majors that can help you be more effective in the field. There are many areas that. Real Estate possible majors

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Our programs emphasize the following major components of real estate: appraisal, corporate real estate, development, finance, investments, and market analysis. Kristy Feldman Senior Editor. Graduate Programs Staff Directory. Appraisers and assessors are not necessarily required to hold a degree in order to practice. These students develop an expertise in a particular financial tool through a focused curriculum and are offered internship options not available to students in the general curriculum.
Your email address will not be published. A real estate license will provide a certain level of education and preparedness, but increasingly the professionals who truly succeed have full academic degrees. Business Administration Real Estate possible majors can specialize in areas such as Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Project Management. Active Duty Military and Veterans. Master's Granted at the finishing of the post-graduate degree. So, while you are pursuing an online education you can still interact in the real world. Majors International Real Estate
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