Optometry whats the easiest major

While schools don't offer optometry majors per se, many of them do offer What Should I Study Before Entering an Optometry Professional Program?.
While optometry schools don't often require a specific undergraduate major, there are a handful of schools that offer a pre- optometry major. Outside of pre- optometry, it's common for students to major in biology or a health-related What's Next.
See a list of top ranked optometry schools in the United States and Canada. Compare average incoming GPA and OAT scores, NBEO pass rates, tuition, and.
Read about admissions requirements, undergraduate studies and licensing requirements. Kaplan University responds quickly to information requests through this website. SDN Members don't see this ad. In addition to the prerequisites, your academic performance is heavily weighted with your application, as well as your scores from the Optometry Admissions Test OAT. Is that what you majored in? Optometry whats the easiest major
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