Linguistics subjects of high school

Just a thought - when I was in high school, we would learn history, and I Other subjects that could benefit from some more formal linguistics.
One integral aspect of linguistics that the aforementioned high school courses have neglected involves analysing the structure of languages.
I was working on designing a high school Linguistics course The major topics that we covered included units on Phonetics, Morphology.
Linguistics is inextricably woven into language teaching, and even the most resolutely monolingual curriculum includes at least the school's own language. Ideophones, expressiveness and grammatical integration. All of these principles are basically reactions against traditional views, and as such make sense only to the extent that those traditional views are maintained. Speech acts: that you have to look at what people do with words to understand why they say what they say. Of course, learning the whole IPA probably isn't necessary. Linguistics subjects of high school
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