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Do you know the hallmark signs of a diploma mill scam? Flip past the flashy graphics on the website and the promises of an instant degree for the name of You are offered a college degree based on a " review " of your work experience Degree mills are in the business of selling paper —fake diplomas and transcripts.
How to Test-Out of College Early With “ Degree -By-Examination”.
99 Reviews of Thomas Edison State College "TESU has been a horrible experience States Association of Colleges and Schools Non-Profit: Yes Country: USA Website .. Do not re-post articles, webpages or anything you didn' t write yourself. . One student said he got a 20 on the final paper - how is this even possible?.

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I also received various credit for military education and my private pilots license. However, these arguments are dependent on the lowest rung of graduates, whose negative personal attributes and abilities often outstrip the benefits of education. Who do I call? It was time to be brutally honest with myself. The person holding up the degree is also lieing.
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