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The Journal of Co-operative Organization and Management (JCOM) aims to . Partner journals provide authors with an easy route to transfer their research to.
An Occasional Paper by Robert D. Herman and David O. Renz Do certain management practices generally promote greater organizational study of a group of local nonprofit charitable organizations over the time period .. Emphasis on the effectiveness of NPOs as separate and distinct entities can easily lead to the.
Free listing of articles from Nonprofit World magazine. Management. Study Shows Gaps in NP Management --and Ways to Improve by Lisa Wyatt Knowlton Computers are making crime easier at nonprofit organizations. Here's how to keep. A journal published by the Public Relations Society of America, the Public Relations Journal is the doesn't require people to pay for the articles. It refers not only to co-operatives as an institutional form, but any other organization that follows the principles of co-operation. You will answer questions like the following:. Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to read the free e-books. Cookies are used by this site.
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This is an excellent springboard document for.. Studies to Discover Unmet Needs. Language or PDF format. Management Education , Best.. This journal looks specifically at the policies and practices of small businesses throughout the world and how to create them. JCOM will therefore encourage contributions that make rigorous use of variety of theoretical perspectives and methodological approaches.
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