Art History general major in college

New curriculum requirements for the undergraduate major in Art History are of the general education requirements in conjunction with preparing for the major. beyond the college requirement, we strongly encourage art history majors.
Our program is structured to ensure that our majors have a general knowledge of art history and are capable of thoughtful analysis of the visual language of.
Major: Arts, General. General arts majors study art history and try their hands at a variety of visual arts, such as photography and painting.
Art History general major in college

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Art History general major in college Dental Hygienist cources
In this way, you can get to know us while simultaneously gaining a wider perspective on the discipline of art history. College of Visual Arts and Design. The most popular undergraduate research opportunity. The minor in architectural studies requires a total of seven courses chosen in consultation with the director of undergraduate studies, all of which must either focus on the built environment or permit the student to devote the assignments or papers to the built environment. Those with specific interests can specialize to some extent, and those who seek a.
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