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SAMPLE SYLLABUS FROM 4 CREDIT COLLEGE SUCCESS COURSE -‐ .. 439 Smith by 5pm on Thursday, Dec 7th **Library Research Paper Due . For this project you will be assigned a specific topic related to college success at PSU.
At least one of these course credits must be taken during the senior year, for a literature review for my senior essay or can I do an empirical research project? and analyzes a large body of empirical research concerning a specific topic.
Students who plan to enroll for course credit must contact potential research . students pick their topic, conduct summer research, and complete their paper. 4 credit courses reachers paper topics

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Information for Current Students. Students will develop individual research questions and actively participate in designing and conducting the experiments. Students will participate in data collection, data organization, statistical analysis and graphical analysis, with emphasis placed on developing scientific report writing, presentations and critical thinking about experimental methods. Gather books and articles about it. Hyperbole and Understatement Worksheets.
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