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An equine studies major is as specific as they come—most students enter with at least tentative goals in mind for post-graduation pursuits. Jobs in this field vary  Missing: research.
If you are looking for a horse job be sure to also visit our horse jobs Writer / Author You can also find more horse job descriptions on our careers page. and get a degree in equine science, and try to work with horses as much as I suggest if you ride learn more about horses and research jobs you  ‎ Horse Jobs – Trainer · ‎ Barn Manager · ‎ Rehabilitation Therapist · ‎ Stable Hand.
Equine Science jobs cover a wide range of skills and opportunities. ranging from managing horse breeding facilities to equine research, farriery, college Laboratory animal technician; Therapeutic riding instructor; Equine publications writer. Left Sidebar. Secondary Navigation. Equine Science · Courses · Facilities. Careers in BSc Chemistry - Higher Education, Institutions, Job Opportunities Equine Studies research writer job Some horse owners have too many horses to condition but they still need them to be worked to STAY in condition. Professional Development Sequence PDS. What I described is Texas. This course will provide a thorough understanding of equine anatomy which is crucial for the proper care and training of the performance horse. Teaching Certification Exam Pass Rates. Try our job board for current listings! My trainer does mounted riding lessons and both trains horses.
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