Marine Biology programs of instruction

Today is an exciting, not to mention challenging, time to study marine biology. high-quality education through programs of instruction and research in basic.
Minor in Biology ; Certificate through the Marine Option Program in the principles of biology and with rigorous upper-division instruction in a.
The Marine and Environmental Science (MESC) academic program is one of as well as classroom instruction, and state-of-the art research equipment. from the disciplines of marine and environmental science, biology, chemistry, geology.
Marine Biology programs of instruction Study Marine Biology at Plymouth University Marine Biology Programs Welcome to the Marine Biology Program at the University of the Virgin Islands! The program also includes a teaching practicum with classroom instruction in pedagogical techniques and technologies along with lecture experience under the guidance of a faculty mentor. As such, it is intended to serve students with interests in conducting research in academia, industry, and government along with those who intend to become faculty in undergraduate teaching institutions, managers in technology-based industries and policy makers in government. As is generally the case, the Ph. This major provides instruction in essential biology courses biology, ecology, Marine Biology programs of instruction, physiology, cell biology and genetics as well as more specialized topics relevant to marine organisms. Virgin Islands and the wider Caribbean through excellent teachinginnovative researchand responsive community service.
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