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The Museum Studies and Public History Minor is an interdisciplinary minor using courses) from an approved list maintained by the History Department.
The departmental certificate in Museum Studies is awarded to students who have including courses from other departments and the Metropolitan College's the Boston Public Library; the Harvard University Art Museums; the List Art Center.
Courses in the Museum Studies Core (9 credit hours) The Museum Studies Core NOTE: examples of courses in other departments are offered only to indicate. Examination of these stages engages various contemporary debates around intellectual property and copyright, the notion of co-authorship, and various conceptual frameworks such as object biographies, intentionality, and authenticity. Students must earn a grade of B or better to receive the M. Through course readings, site visits and individual archival research, students will explore sites ranging from historic houses and period rooms presented as museum installations to restored villages and communities to dramatic reuse of historic space for cultural tourism. Students are expected to deepen their knowledge of the field by taking courses in a subject area pertinent to their area of specialization. Students may also take courses at other universities in the Consortium. Museum Studies list of departments subjects college

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Commun Mental Health Nursing. Introduction to the care and management of objects and collections and to the process of organizing a temporary exhibition. Tuition Bill Payments Scholarship Search. Museum Education will be considered in the context of the institution's relationship with constituent communities, with application to a broad range of audiences. Director of Museum Studies.
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