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News >Career Path >The top 10 lowest paying college majors Salary and job prospects may improve for students who go on to receive an This degree prepares students for a variety of careers in ministry, missions or.
However, for most ministers their annual salary is closer to according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Those going directly from college to ministry.
See which colleges are in our list of the best colleges for homeschool graduates. Liberty will strike some prospects as too partisan since it is markedly And the school's plethora of ministry clubs are a wishbook of options. Ministry top college prospects

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American colleges, however, lean overwhelmingly towards social liberalism and the political left. Others choose to work for state and local agencies in various capacities or are employed by private organizations, many of which are considered faith-based agencies and are often affiliated with a specific religious denomination. There is no science department to speak of, but what is taught about faith and science is compatible with creationism and intelligent design. South Africa Study Abroad. However, the effects are big. There are two awards Racial Ethnic Supplemental Grant and Native American Supplemental Grant that may be made to the qualifying Presbyterian Study Grant recipients who have remaining need. Accordingly, Cedarville has earned a reputation for espousing strong Christian conservative values. A major in Education prepares you to be a teacher. But what vaults this school onto the list is its mandatory Bible component. Discover information that will help build bridges to the person and the Sunday School class with follow up. Prospects are a key ingredient for strengthening the Sunday School and FAITH Strategy. King does not have an outstanding reputation for the sciences or for apologetics, but is consistently recognized for its academic excellence as a liberal arts institution in national rankings such as those of ForbesU. Michael Farris, PHC was established to build upon the best elements that homeschooling Ministry top college prospects to offer.
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