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Occupational therapy is a profession that deals with health and rehabilitation. the person can have an easier time performing tasks that are important to them.
Explore features in the occupational therapy program, including hands-on work It's easy to take for granted functions as simple as driving, cooking, bathing or . for the BS degree are required to move to fieldwork and courses.
I am currently in community college and planning to pursue a Master's in OT. the next college that offers the Master degree) does not have a bachelor's OT program. So pick something you enjoy, which is fairly easy, and focus on doing well in You could take one or two of the Kinesiology courses as your electives for a  OTA at LaGuardia Community College - Occupational Therapy. Occupational Therapy easy subjects to major in college

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Award of this degree leads to matriculation into the graduate level of the program. As the population ages there's an increased need for occupational therapists to help older adults age safely in their homes, by managing chronic disease, and adapting to low vision, cognitive issues, and other changes associated with aging. Third-year law students must file a Pre-Graduation Law Application and LARP General discountnikerunningshoes.info to apply: LARP General applications become available in June. Occupational therapy is a profession that deals with health and rehabilitation. Did this article help you? Also, after reviewing this site and the AOTA website, look on Amazon or Google for books where there are detailed instructions and tips on this subject. Occupational therapy is an allied health profession critical to helping people achieve function, meaning, and satisfaction in all aspects of their lives. How To Apply to the Occupational Therapy M. Failure to complete the work in accord with the contract-specified time will automatically result in failure for the course. An application form and general information regarding eligibility for the Master of Science Degree Program is available online or from the Admissions Office or the Occupational Therapy Program Office at the Dobbs Ferry Campus. This Admisssions Committee bases its recommendations on the following criteria: Completed Department of Occupational Therapy application packets Overall GPA weighted grade point average from all colleges attended Successful completion of prerequisite courses grade of C or above and core courses Candidates must keep in mind the competitive nature of the admissions process. Meet Deborah Dougherty, Program Director Occupational Therapy.
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