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You end up writing code that helps you write code. .. But if you go to college, pick a somewhat useful major, and work 12 hours a day (outside.
With graduation around the corner, The Daily Beast calculates which college majors pack the greatest promise for real-life wages. From the.
By far the most popular major in recent years, psychology, is also one of the Today's college students, then, need to choose a major that.

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Most useful college major help write Art majors are more than just painters, illustrators and photographers — the field of visual and performing arts also covers dance, theater, film, music and more. Engineering or Engineering Management. A good liberal arts education is probably the best foundation for good writing. This laboratory produces graduates that are ready to bring this wealth of knowledge to bear on law degrees, careers in the federal government, or the business world. Being the most literate art, there is demand for individuals who can communicate clearly on paper and there are myriad fields within communication that cherish such a skill after all, not every skilled person can write well.

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The world would come to a grinding halt if it were not for structural, civil, electrical, or any number of engineering specialties. The mechanics of writng will become automatic and you'll have intense discussions on ensure vs. The more a major focuses on job skills, the less fulfilling it can be for creative people. You may feel a step behind everyone else. Biology classrooms also tend to be very hands-on and attract people with natural problem-solving skills.

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And for anyone interested in a career in medicine, research, or applied science, you will find that a good Biology degree will open the door to the best graduate and medical school options. You can always go back and get your MFA in Creative Writing. Studying business is a great first step to becoming an entrepreneur, but starting a company isn't the only career-path option for business majors. But if you know what you are looking for, the political science department is where you can find it. Oh, if only I had the time, I guess.. Would it be okay if I majored in English and minored in Media Arts? Concrete Storytelling with Melissa Olson. How to write your college application essay
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