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The legal studies major is an interdisciplinary course of study that combines the theories and methods of several social science disciplines with law. The major is.
The major in legal studies provides Drexel University students with the ability to make informed and intelligent decisions regarding the course of action to take.
to law school, many pre-law students elect to major in legal studies. The legal studies B.S. degree must complete 15 hours of supporting courses chosen with. Introduction to Law - Oxford Royale Summer School

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COLLEGE ACCOUNTING SUBJECTS PROPOSAL TERM PAPER University of Wisconsin, Stout. Today's economy is more globally connected than at any time in history. The Legal Studies Program has no internship program and does not typically give credit for internships. Mt San Jacinto Community College. Law and American Society. The curriculum is designed around the following five themes: Legal Institutions, Processes of Legal Order and Disorder, Law and Social Forces, Law and Culture, and Law and Theory. Pre-Law Internship and Seminar.
Legal Studies univercity course College school subjects theses paper
FOOD SCIENCE SAMPLE OUTLINE FOR RESEARCH PAPERS Sexual Orientation, Legal Studies univercity course, Gender Identity and the Law. Protection from workplace discrimination. The American legal system affects each of us on a daily basis. The bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a major in Legal Studies is awarded after completion of the first year of law school, and the law degree is received after three years of law school. Students pursuing this curriculum in preparation for the study of law should acquaint themselves with the content and format of the Law School Admissions Test. On the other hand, organizations are hiring non-lawyer professionals to manage the most important asset of business, its human talent.
Legal Studies univercity course Visit our web site for information about the test and the Law School admissions process. Early Admission Option for Graduate Study. The progression and regression of societal attitudes toward differences based on sexual orientation and gender identity have led to legal developments that affect the lives of individuals in larger communities LGBT and otherwise. What is environmental justice? You will learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different business entities in terms of taxation, liability, Legal Studies univercity course, licensing and dissolution. Northwestern University Registrar's Office does not grant any kind of credit for courses taken abroad in subjects that we do not teach here at the undergraduate level. This course shows you how to properly inventory assets, tax and estate planning techniques such as how to properly plan for funding a college education, retirement, the future distribution of your assets, the requirements to establish a power of attorney, a Last Will and Testament, various Trust Instruments and an advanced Health Care Directive.
Legal Studies univercity course About the Legal Studies Bachelor's Degree. Certificates awarded by accredited colleges and universities. African Americans, Equality and the Law: Weapon or Tool?. The Legal Studies Program has no internship program and does not typically give credit for internships. College of Southern Maryland. This organization hosts guest speakers, sponsors law-related field trips, and assists students in gaining internships within the legal field.
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