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Bachelor of Natural Science (Animal Science). Domestic full time study. Part- time refers to study load, not to timetabling of evening classes.
Study Animal Sciences at universities or colleges in Australia - find 24 Bachelor or undergraduate Animal Sciences degrees to study abroad.
Understanding animal behaviour, or ethology, helps us understand evolutionary history, genetics and even human psychology. Macquarie's animal behaviour program includes the scientific and objective study of how animals behave with an emphasis on evolutionary favourable adaptations, and allows you to gain. Animal Science psychology college sydney Education in New South Wales. The information provided here was as accurate as possible at the time of printing. Alternatively, the Science degree can allow students to nominate particular area s of study in their first years at university, providing a direction for study throughout the degree. Expectations relating to academic, workplace learning, time and cost requirements for specific subjects are provided in the subject abstracts and in course materials. Interested in the behaviour and health of animals?

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This fully accredited course gives students a basic overview of veterinary nursing, from animal care to medical and theatre procedures. Universities in Australia TAEFs in Australia Field of Work. Honours At the end of the third year of the Bachelor of Animal Science, if you are achieving a high academic grade, you may be eligible to apply for entry into the Bachelor of Animal Science Honours program. Why connect with Macquarie. Only top-ranked applicants will be granted CSP, subject to yearly availability. South Australia Certificate of Education. The subject will also develop knowledge in adaptation, preference testing, cognition, and short and long-term biological responses.
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