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Information Technology research papers overview the history of IT and how it relates to Management issues in business.
Research Paper: Problems and Potentials in Information Technology asks students to research a current problem with Information Technology related to the.
Students who seek an Information Systems bachelor degree will focus on the design of a variety of information systems. Students will focus on computing.
It 103 Google Glass Research Paper Video Information Technology reaearch paper Has texting made this generation less respectful of other people? Is is our DNA, our appearance, our choice, our family or our cultural environment? Infinite Dimensional Vector Space. Is unlimited data storage a good thing? E-Commerce: Another Dimension of Business.

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Are the distractions of using social media negatively influencing the workplace? Relationships how texting, cell phones, and social media affect relationships. Should genetically modified food technologies be used to solve hunger issues? On-Time Delivery via E-mail. Should people get Ancestry DNA testing? Should people in all countries have equal access to technological developments?
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