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Featured Program. Electrician Courses. The modern world runs on electricity. Electricity keeps the lights shining. It keeps refrigerators purring, computers.
In order to earn an associate degree, students must also complete general education courses, in addition to courses such as circuits and wiring, electrical code.
High school students considering electrician careers should take courses that offer some exposure to electrical principles, such as mathematics, physics and. Electrician degree cource Find an Electrician School. Maryland - Columbia LCI. The modern world runs on electricity. In most states, that requires passing a licensing exam after proving that you've accumulated enough hours of classroom learning and real-world work experience. Training programs vary by campus, and include: Electrical and Renewable Energy Technology in Connecticut : Gain hands-on experience working with alternate energy technologies like fuel cells, photovoltaic systems, wind turbines and Electrician degree cource. However, in other cases, electrical technicians may be working as apprentices. ELECTRICIAN TRAINING
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