Linguistics top jobs for biology majors

Biology majors ' analytic and problem solving skills lend themselves to many career choices. Here's a list of the top 10 jobs for biology majors. Missing: linguistics.
There are many different career options available for Linguistics graduates. Below is a sample of Skills developed by Linguistics majors . Back to top of page.
These jobs screen only the best candidates and that means even those who are Linguists are hired both by government agencies and private firms to provide conduct research on the flow of biological, chemical and nuclear weapons.

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Taking advantage of these opportunities allows you to be more well-rounded and better informed, and will open more doors for you after graduation. In the meanwhile, what can linguists can do? As a result of the increase in threats against the country, the federal government has invested heavily in recruiting top notch talent from around the country to work in a variety of security capacities to protect the country. They often screen people coming in and out of US-based properties such as consulates, missions, government agency offices, military bases, navy bases and other high-profile properties. You mention that you have a BA in French and have started.
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