Art Therapy difference between school and college education

A master's degree is required for entry level practice in art therapy. California, Notre Dame de Namur University (formerly College of Notre Dame) edu/academics/ schools -programs/ school -sciences/ art - therapy
Wayne State University offers two degrees in Art Therapy. What are the differences and similarities between the and the M.A. Individuals who work in schools such as certified art teachers who plan to remain teaching, might be.
At least one of these schools is a college where students receive a bachelor's degree. The other schools in a university are"graduate" (also.

Art Therapy difference between school and college education - two elements

Contact : Craig Balfany. Benefits of Art Therapy. School age children plus I did remaining part at a mental health facility in CA. Proper art therapy training from schools and colleges can help professionals develop new strategies for overcoming various disabilities in students or clients. Without that, no private party can pay, unless they are wealthy. I would like people from art therapy schools to now my work. Careers in Art Therapy. I would love to get a degree in it and help others who might benefit from it. You can search by: job title, keywords, company, location and more. Might have to work solo, and then volunteer at church using art on the side, or work sologetting my own business license and still keeping it my own little ministry by showing His love. I am located in Hyderabad and want to do an online Master,s course in Art Therapy from India. The chair of the Education Committee or the chair of ACATE will follow up to fully discuss the assistance you request.
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