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For a deeper look at what at best majors for law school and how to get in, Law and Society, Pre-Law, Political Science, and Criminal Justice studies .. But your GPA and major / minors don't worry me by themselves so keep.
On the other hand, some of the social science disciplines like sociology and political science are generally among the lightest in terms of credits required and.
WCU Minors Complementing Political Science Tracks: Political Science General Track: Anthropology/Sociology; Communications; Criminal Justice ; History.

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Top colleges communications major buying a research paper The reason I am wavering on sending the applications in is for a couple of reasons. I have not received a bachelors degree yet, but I was wondering if I continue my upgrade trend will I be able to go to law school. Choose activities based on your passions, not on what you think you should have on your resume. Students take a combination of rigorous general education coursework with the criminal justice program, featuring interesting classes that cover topics like white-collar crime, constitutional law, and social justice issues. There is not one magic major choice that law schools are looking for — doing well in a harder major is the best thing you can do, whether that major is science or business or liberal arts. Students in Political Science should consider supplementing and complementing their degree program with a related minor, Criminal Justice best minor for political science major.
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Criminal Justice best minor for political science major What are my options? Is my current major a good choice? Your age is not the issue. What should I choose? My GPA has been consistently higher than my average every quarter since the second quarter of freshman year. I will be entering my third year in college transferring from a Miami Dade College, where I will get my AA in Political Science and will be entering FIU to get a Bachelors degree in Psychology. Should I apply or wait?
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Criminal Justice best minor for political science major You want a serious subject that interests you and where you think you can obtain a high GPA. Michigan is a highly respected undergraduate school, as are Georgetown and Hopkins. In and around these areas, do you have any advice on what majors I should apply myself in? I had a question, would a History major with a minor in Philosophy be a good pick for law school? I had to take courses at a college level prior to going back.
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