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Reliable websites will differ for every topic you want to research. Please contact your Campus Librarian for help researching a specific topic. To find reliable.
This page contains a representative list of major databases and search engines useful in an the general list of search engines for all -purpose search engines that can be . Citebase Search ยท Mathematics, Computer science, Physics, Semi- autonomous citation index of free online research, Free, University of Southampton.
Some universities, for instance, have specialist librarians for topics like music, art, Remember: librarians are there to help, but they won't do all your research for you. Academic journals add credibility and professionalism to a paper. as the humanities prefer their students use books for sources rather than websites. Some examples: William Lane CraigKeith DeRoseNicholas Everitt. Q Topics: WebsitesResearch. Visit a nearby university. When I figured out I could do this, it massively increased the number of articles I had access to. To find scientific literature, the best thing to use is an academic search engine. If the search engine doesn't, or if you got the citation somewhere else, like the bibliography of another science paper you were reading, there are several ways to find copies. Pingback: john barban investigations scams.
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Therefore, Wikipedia is best used at the start of your research to help you get a sense of the breadth and depth of your topic. Mentors are a great resource for recommendations about which scientific papers are critical for you to read and you should definitely ask your mentor, or another expert in the field, for advice. When you start your background research, one of the early steps is finding and reading the scientific literature related to your science project see the Roadmap: How to Get Started On an Advanced Science Project article for more details on project steps. Reading scientific literature is a critical part of conceiving of and executing a successful advanced science project. This page and website is useful. Tips for finding reliable websites:.
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