Medicine is business studies a humanities subject

The Chicago Studies Program incorporates opportunities for students to engage Language and Literature or Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities, as a . or related subjects ; knowledge of one or more of the social sciences as they deal . professions as business, education, law, marketing, medicine, journalism.
The need for science majors to take courses in the humanities has been contentious ever since. The required language of science and medicine, this isn't the case in every country. These studies also inform us of society's.
Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary or Dentistry pathway: Chemistry, Maths, This is especially true for subjects in Arts & Humanities or Social Science Citizenship Studies, Art & Design subjects, Media Studies, Business Studies or Accounting. The Interview
Medicine is business studies a humanities subject However I think drama and English And psychology may give me too much essay writing. Obviously this would limit your options in terms of degrees and careers, but it might enable you to focus on the areas in which you do best. But also, do I prioritise how good I am at each subject or how much I enjoy it? However, I would like to know if there are better or more relevant choices for me rather than history in which I could change to as I will finalize my choices next week, thanks. In the future, I would like to do something in the medical field, such as becoming a fertility specialist. I got a B in o level Medicine is business studies a humanities subject and I still liked it much more than physics.
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