Fire Science subjects in universities

There are dozens of colleges in California that offer degrees related to fire science . Many fire science schools offer hybrid courses, blending online work with.
Junior colleges, community colleges, online universities and accredited fire schools offer students a specialized, career-focused curriculum through courses held.
Search for fire science degrees and fire science colleges by state. Certificates are generally short courses that take less than one year to complete, and are. Fire Science subjects in universities
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All of us on the team share a passion for fire science and public service careers. Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies. Department of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics. For more detailed information regarding the Fire Science program, including how to prepare for applying, please visit the MySMCC Fire Science page. With opportunities for elective seminars and independent studies, most students finish the program in three or four years, but it can be completed within just two years. A fire science degree provides the educational framework needed to begin a career in the fire services.
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