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Degree Requirement Summary (DRS). Under the rubric of Liberal Arts, students may design. a single concentration in a discipline without an established major.
Undergraduate Majors. Declaring a liberal arts Major. Students have the freedom to choose from a broad variety of academic disciplines, both to satisfy the.
The Major Concentration in Liberal Arts exposes students to texts from and histories of a suitably wide range of cultures and societies. Students are able to. Liberal Arts what are major
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COMMUNICATIONS PUNJAB COLLEGE FA SUBJECTS Islamic Studies : Assessment of the relationship between Islam and politics in the contemporary Middle East and Africa through various analytic themes, including political economy, social movement and gendered analysis. Instructors: Grace S Fong Fall. History : This course examines why and how books are classified as fiction or history. Topics include Jewish sects, rabbinic literature in its various genres, the Karaite schism, and the rise of the Gaonate. By concentrating on a given subject, whatever it. List of liberal arts colleges. Art History : A consideration of the impact of feminism on recent art history, focusing on the examination of gender constructions in art and theory.
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Students in the Philosophy and Religion stream may choose from:. May focus on any time period in Italian history, from medieval to contemporary. Topics may include the Church-State distinction, subsidiary, the common good, pluralism, the Catholic human rights revolution, natural law and the international order, Christian Democracy and the relationship between Catholicism, liberalism and communitarianism. Recurring themes traced in literature, art, film, music, pop culture and the applied arts. Readings explore the particular problems of the Japanese novel in the context of modernization, westernization, and colonialism.
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