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papers, photographs and other media are available for research projects, curricula development and special . A full course is equivalent to 4 credit hours; other courses Writing (satisfied within Paideia the major, and Paideia.

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Ideally, these students would have completed the Writing Emphasis requirements and would have had coursework and sustained writing experience in the genre of their project. Between World War I and II, British writers and Irish nationalists transformed the literary landscape with a radically new approach to language, form, and style. How to Apply for Aid. College and University Data. Representative authors may include Dryden, Congreve, Behn, Swift, Pope, Johnson, Fielding, Burney, and Haywood. This course explores the global experiences of people of African descent. College and University Data. What kinds of stories help us confront, ignore, deny, or re-imagine the ecological challenges we face? An introductory survey of European history from the end of the wars of religion in the seventeenth century to the present. Intended primarily for seniors. Student work will be discussed in a workshop format. Top Three Reasons to Choose Luther College -- April Fools Edition subjects at luther college written paper
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