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Ken Wyka received his BS and MS degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson . I am currently teaching online health science courses at both the associate's and I have taught at Independence University and Stevens - Henager College for over five years. I also have a bachelor's degree in international relations /business. He is a resident of Morgan, UT. I started going to interviews and most of them even told me a degree from Steven-Henegar isn't worth anything. Many had a very hard time getting jobs because employers know how awful the SHC nursing program is. Ryan Biddulph is the associate dean for the School of Business. He also received an MBA from University of Phoenix and currently owns a RV repair business in Boise. As professionals within a field of study, we are able to not only impart direction, but also mentor the students we are brought together with. The classes are generally fairly small, sometimes from six to ten people in a class.
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