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Your work may take the form of exhibition pieces, small runs of production work, design for manufacture, or commissioned art works for a range of contexts.
The Bachelor of Design degree program offers an integrated education linking objects, experience and spatial design, textiles, ceramics, jewellery, media and.
The Jewellery and Object Studio offers fully equipped casting, enameling and metalsmithing rooms. There are separate specialist workshop.

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Bachelor of Visual Arts. You will learn how to apply artistic, critical and visual judgement to a design brief and to develop a range of innovative design solutions and practical skills in the realisation of your ideas. Our degree program will equip you to engage in design thinking and cutting-edge practices appropriate to contemporary social, cultural, ethical and environmental contexts. The course explores possibilities of creating jewellery with wire using traditional and contemporary textile techniques. Back to Master of Contemporary Art. Packaging, illustration and publishing. Jewelry Design university of sydney art
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