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In response to the Summers controversy, she published an essay in The so many women studying physics at Yale, and so many of them at the top of Another student was the only girl in her AP physics class from the start.
Two girls shortlisted for this year's L'Oreal Young Scientist of the Year which the essay to enter this year was entitled "a timeline of electricity". Physics top girls essay
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Lost, he wanders around, hoping to bump into someone who can understand him. A report from the Institute of Physics this week revealed that nearly half of schools didn't send a single girl on to A level physics last year. Wall Street Journal reporter Ben Kesling, who is covering the conflict, joins Hari Sreenivasan via Skype from Erbil, Iraq. Of all the seasons, maybe we should have been born in winter. The story sounded like something a nice professor would invent to make his least talented student feel less dumb.
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