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These online paralegal programs can help students pursue careers in legal assisting, legal research, or litigation support, among other fields.
Browse and Compare the Best Online Paralegal Programs with OEDb's 2017 Ranking of the Top Online Schools.
I Already Have A Bachelor's Degree In Communication. into AS programs in nursing already have bachelor or master's degrees in unrelated disciplines. . It was all about assessments and determining the best education/career path to take.

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Must offer an online Paralegal Studies degree program. Click here for free information about. The curriculum is current, the advanced online technology is constantly updated and each online course is monitored regularly to ensure excellent quality. Legal practice areas included in course material are many and varied, and there is an externship included in the program to give students valuable working experience before they graduate. Canton is currently transitioning from the ANGEL learning management system to Blackboard. SCC has campuses in North Carolina. The school also accepts college credits from other academic institutions, which can further shorten the time until graduation.
The program includes classes like Legal Research and Writing, Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, and more. Classes engage students and require Web-based interaction, bringing the online classroom presentation to life as a vital teaching method. Rankings Financial Aid Search Our Database Resources Careers. Students complete an internship as one of the requirements for graduation. The Paralegal Studies Program offered by the University of San Diego is highly rated among west coast professional studies curricula and traditional degree program choices. Students finish with a capstone course which usually consists of some type of research opportunity. Quality is measured and weighted through various data points that are specific to each ranking topic.
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