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Courses that carry 4 or 5 credit hours require approximately one or two more hours of .. Students who are not achieving these requirements may be subject to a The Registrar will notify students in writing of their academic probation status . Students failing the exam twice must enroll in a College Writing requirement.
Search for NU Core courses in Banner Course Catalog. The intermediate and advanced NU Core requirements involve more Students should consult their college or their major department for advice on Mechanism for achieving the goal Writing Intensive courses in the major will provide sustained practice in.
Academic preparation is the foundation of your college application. work hard and achieve at a high level all four years; consult early on with your secondary school counselor Such courses should include the writing of essays. Foreign Language: three or more years of the same foreign language.

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Before registration, students should plan their program with their academic advisor. Enrollment as a non-degree student does not guarantee acceptance into a degree program. Know your learning style. Credit granted through CLEP examinations. Students in good academic standing who wish to take courses that would not be considered in residence courses must receive prior approval by their academic unit through a permit to study at another institution. Credit cannot be used to fulfill requirements for General Education or for University-wide College Writing or Mathematics requirements. Certain classes may not be repeated for Freshman Forgiveness. Applicants who have been denied admission to AU for a specific academic year may not take non-degree courses at AU during that academic year. However, students must meet GPA requirements for individual courses taken at other institutions as required for electives or major or minor courses. Department of Engineering Science and Physics. Liberal Arts and Sciences Requirements. Avoid plagiarism at all costs: Plagiarism is a particular problem when doing papers, because now papers on most subjects can be easily downloaded and bought on the Internet. We expect applicants to pursue a reasonably challenging curriculum, choosing courses from among the most demanding courses available at your school.
most achieve college credut subjects will writing format
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