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In addition to theatrical training, the majority of university dance degree programs are also inclusive of classroom lecture instruction on the cultural history and.
One of the most physically intensive majors out of any of college degree program is dance performance – likely, it is easy to understand why. Dance majors are  Missing: history.
This list is meant to highlight some of the awesome college dance programs You will study philosophy, theology, history, mathematics. More from this Author. Many students pursue a completely different major at the same time as well. But before you get to your dance classes be sure you come dressed in the appropriate attire. Safest Public State Universities. Learn more about our college ranking system. Contemporary Dance students take classes in the Department of Theatre, Drama, and Contemporary Dance. A dance major can only declare the major after taking and passing two prerequisite classes in modern dance and performance studies. Best Football Celebrations Vines , Best Touchdown Dance Celebration !
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