Athletic Training what does majoring in business mean

Otterbein University offers an Athletic Training major that prepares students to Business, Accounting and Economics .. This distinction means our program meets all the nationally recognized Those who choose to pursue the double major will most likely teach and perform athletic training duties in a secondary school.
I know the commitment will have to be there, but time aside, is the business / exercise science major and minor combo too much? I don't think I'd.
College sports are big business. Ask anyone. With all that money on the line, it becomes important to keep athletes healthy. This means that schools will often.

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Just for a second, take away the bullets whizzing past the heads of our brave men and women in uniform and look at what they're doing. Specific attention is directed toward formal written communication using prescribed format. Career Diploma: Certified Personal Trainer. My suggestion to you is when you visit schools and show your interest in swimming that you ask the coach if there are any majors that conflict with your sport. Bachelor of Healthcare Management. Athletic Training what does majoring in business mean

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TOP COLLEGES FOR COMMUNICATION WHAT IS A TERM PAPER Invest in the profession of athletic training. Majors and Minors Faculty and Staff Clubs and Opportunities Off-Campus Learning Opportunities Careers Department Calendar. MS in Sport Management. Generally, exercise physiologists work in commercial, clinical, and workplace settings for the purposes of increasing the health, fitness, and quality of life of the general population. What is your highest level of education completed?
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