Forensic Science how to study multiple subjects in college

A:Any of the college courses appearing on this page will be able to equip you for a career as a forensic scientist. field of study is not detrimental in any.
Forensics is the study and use of science and technology to resolve criminal, civic and regulatory matters. A background in the biological sciences, medicine.
Syracuse University| College of Arts and Sciences | FORENSIC SCIENCE Forensic Science is a 25- to Integrated Learning Major (ILM) that can CONNECTION COURSES – must take one designated for the primary major FSC 440 Special Topics in Advanced Forensic Science (may be taken multiple times. Forensic Science how to study multiple subjects in college A: Studying to be a forensic scientist requires knowledge and ability to apply that knowledge of various fields of science and law. The van is kept at the Briggs Annex Graduate House. The Crim Lab can be set up to accommodate any topic that is discussed in the Introduction to Forensic Science and Criminalistics classes. Students with the help of this course also learn about narcotics pattern, homicide and suicide. Last step involves getting certification from a government agency.
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