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Ten recommendations for software engineering in research that unit tests exhaustively simulate all possible – not only that which seems reasonable – inputs to each method. Users know what they need software to do.
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“NO-NO”s for software engineering research • Assume that a result Characterization Method How do you trust a research then? Real world. Software Engineering way to do research 10 Courses Every Software Engineer Should Take

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Joseph Ruthruff, John Penix , J. If you really want to know what's going on, you have to work with the researchers themselves. This is especially true for systems that were written without following the preceding recommendations. Embody result in a system, using the system. Lumezanu, Yifei Yuan, Aarti Gupta, Sharad Malik. Parallel Test Generation and Execution with Korat. Irene Manotas, Christian Bird, Rui Zhang, David Shepherd, Ciera JaspanCaitlin SadowskiLori Pollock, James Clause. What makes good research? Researchers want results, so research software engineers are often given complete flexibility in their approach to a problem. A Fishbowl with Piranhas: Coalescence, Convergence, or Divergence? ThreadSanitizer — data race detection in practice.
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